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by Ricardo Oliveira

Sundial was produced during the pandemic year of 2020. Besides serving as a practical way for the music of Portuguese rock band Capitão Fausto to reach its audience when live public venues were impossible the film ultimately took shape as a contemplation of time. Just like in recent daily life, the film faces the idea of a period of ponderation rather than action, of suspension rather than accomplishment. From sunset to sunrise are the hours of rest and reclusion, of dreams and darkness, of waiting and of the unknown. The band members become abstract elements, shapes in time. 
Sound was recorded live on location.


Capitão Fausto

Ricardo Oliveira was born in 1983. He graduated from the Lisbon Film School in 2006 as a scriptwriter and producer. Since then he worked in several production companies, wrote for TV, and script doctored a few long features. He independently produced, wrote and directed two award winning short fictions, Os Vigilantes and Verónica, and the award winning documentary Loose Ends. Over the years he has directed music videos for over twenty music artists.

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