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by Ricardo Oliveira

As a result of the massification of technology and the Internet, film (fiction or documentary), TV shows and other audiovisual formats are being ruled by a general notion that anything is valid as a visual language. We hear, for example, music executives talking about contents: a content for the Internet in the form of a music video, a featurette or a documentary but rarely that content has any content at all. What we see are merely records of a band rehearsing and interviews where information is conveyed by the spoken word and, at most, illustrated by images that support what is being said without adding anything else. A point of view over a subject or an idea of reality dramatized by the elements of film language (editing, shot composition, juxtaposition of concepts) are things rarely found in mainstream media. Loose Ends is a film where certain basic concepts of Quantum Physics – a casual interest that fuels occasional conversations among the band members of Capitão Fausto, a Portuguese rock band – are used as a starting point for the creative process of musicians and artists alike. Also, as Quantum Physics regularly questions the foundations of our reality, so does the film questions its own form, reshaping itself as it progresses, trying to communicate with the audience, trying to show its potential for content, other than a mere and passive illustration of something.

Loose Ends

Ricardo Oliveira was born in 1983. He graduated from the Lisbon Film School in 2006 as a scriptwriter and producer. Since then he worked in several production companies, wrote for TV, and script doctored a few long features. He independently produced, wrote and directed two award winning short fictions, Os Vigilantes and Verónica, and this award winning documentary, Loose Ends. Over the years he has directed music videos for over twenty music artists.

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