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Paulo Rocha Esencial

GREAT YARMOUTH PROVISIONAL FIGURES. Marco Martins. 2022 | 113' | HD | DCP •  WORLD PREMIERE: 70 SAN SEBASTIÁN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. With: Beatriz Batarda, Kris Hitchen, Robert Elliot, Romeu Runa, Nuno Lopes, Rita Cabaço, Hugo Bentes and the people of Great Yarmouth

October 2019, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk (UK). Three months before Brexit. Hundreds of Portuguese migrant workers pour into town, seeking work at the local turkey factories. Once a favourite holiday destination for the English working class, Great Yarmouth is now an echo of its former glory, a place with one of the highest unemployment rates in the UK.  The factories take advantage of the numerous decaying hotels on the beach front to house the seasonal workers coming in from Portugal and Eastern Europe. They do the jobs no one wants. Tânia (also known as The Mother of the Portuguese), is a former worker in these poultry plants and is now married to an English hotel owner. She is the perfect facilitator for the Portuguese workers, but dreams of becoming a British citizen and leaving this dirty business behind by transforming her husband’s derelict hotels into refurbished senior citizens homes. But the arrival of her latest group of immigrants for the Christmas season unleashes a series of events that disrupts her volatile existence. / Director: Marco Martins / Script: Ricardo Adolfo, Marco Martins / Cinematographer: João Ribeiro AIP / Sound: Miguel Martins, Rafael Cardoso / Production Design: Wayne dos Santos / Wardrobe: Isabel Carmona /  Make-up and Hair: Maria Almeida Nani / Casting (GB): Jessie Frost / Casting (Portugal): José Pires /  Editing: Karen Harley, Mariana Gaivão, Marco Martins / Sound Editing: Daniel Sobrino / Color Correction: Isabelle Julien / Original Soundtrack: Jim Williams / Executive Producers: Emilie Joffroy, Ian Hutchinson, Saskia Thomas / Producers: Filipa Reis, Kamilla Kristiane Hodøl / Co-producers: François D’Artemare, Yohann Cornu / Production: Uma Pedra no Sapato / Co-production: Les Films de l’Aprés-Midi, Elation Pictures, Damned Films / International Sales & Aggregation: LevelK

#conecta6 • 2022


Pitch Copro Series RTVE


Drama, Police Fiction 

GUIÓN: Bruno Gascon

PRODUCTORAS: Caracol Studios & SPi

Cuando el inspector Castilho recibe un sobre con fotos de Franklim Lobo, un capo de la droga, descubrirá que atrapar a Lobo será más difícil de lo que imaginaba.


Pitch Docudrama Series



GUIÓN: João Tudella, Ricardo Pina

PRODUCTORA: Sabina Films

Una serie documental inspiradora sobre la lucha y resiliencia a lo largo de la vida de Arran Strong, surfista y atleta profesional, que nació con ALPHA-1, una enfermedad rara.

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